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Convert your followers into customers.

Create a Vidiolo Host Account Today!

Why Vidiolo

As a content creator or an expert, you have few ways to monetize your expertise and content. These include product placements or view based advertising revenue share models.

However, many of your followers want to connect with you live on a one-on-one or small group setting through paid engagements. 

Vidiolo makes it easy to setup events and sell tickets for either one-on-one or group events.  Users buy tickets and connect to live video events at the specified time.  You can either make your time available for one-on-one meetings or events with specific subjects.

The Host Account

To be registered as a host you first need to complete the basic user registration where you create a login with email and password or using your social media accounts.

If you create an account through email and password, we will also ask you to verify your email by clicking on a verification link we send to your email.

You are now ready to proceed to host account creation. Simply click on Apply for a Host in your profile.

Your Contact Details

As part of the Host Application process, we will ask you to fill your legal name and correspondence address.

Public Profile

For your public profile you can choose a Display Name, add your avatar and also add a profile cover image that is associated with your activities/expertise.


To be able to charge customers for paid events, you need to setup an account with our payment processor Stripe.

Any bank information, personal information or identity documents are directly saved on Stripe‘s servers and are not held by Vidiolo.

Countries not Covered

Stripe payment processing may not be available in the country of your residence. In this case, Vidiolo will collect the proceeds on your behalf and will arrange remittance to you. If you have any questions please contact us at

If your Stripe application is interrupted for any reason you can always continue to setup your payout account by following Continue Payout Setup in the menu.

Accessing Stripe

You can always access your Stripe account from Vidiolo by clicking on Payouts in the menu.

Changing Payout Details

If you need to make changes to your payout details such as bank accounts or default currency, you can do so through the Stripe Dashboard.