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Creating an Event on Vidiolo takes minutes.

Create your first event now…

Creating your first Event

As a host, in the Events tab in you will see two sections Hosting and Attending. Any events where you are the host appear under Hosting. If you are an attendee, these events will appear under Attending. Click on the + button to create an event on Vidiolo.

Adding Event Details

It’s important to give a good description of your event. Add an image related to your event, write a description and give your event a title.

You will also need to choose a category, language and other parameters such as number of seats for the event, price and currency. You can also make your event Free.

Publishing your Event

After filling in all the information, you will be able to publish your event or you can save it as a draft if you select I’ll do it later option. In this case your event will appear under Drafts section in the Events menu.

Public and Private Events

Events that are Public are seen by all the users of the platform and will be present in search queries.

Private events are only visible to users who received a link to the event from the host.

Your Event

In the Event Detail page, information about the event along with event date, time and price is shown.


There are a number of marketing options available to you on the Event Detail page. You can share a link to your event, send free tickets, or create campaigns.


You can also use any existing event as a template to create a similar event where you can change any parameters that you like.

Launching your Event

When it’s time the Event Detail page displays a Start button from which you can start your event.

Controller & Camera

In this mode, your device functions both as a Controller where you can manage other users as well as a Camera which serves as a presentation device.

You must always have one device entering in this mode.

Cameras 1, 2 and 3

You have the option to join with other devices as a Camera. The only function of these devices would be to provide additional Camera Angles to your virtual event.

Managing the Event

Event Controls

The buttons on the left turn on/off your microphone and video camera.


If you want to completely silence the sound output from your device, you can do so here. Also you can switch between Speaker and Headset here.

Attendee Controls

Here you can bring out a list of all the attendees to the event and you can ask them to turn on/off their microphone and video camera. You can also make an attendee a Presenter such that this person is on the main screen for everyone.

Event Time

The event time will display any time overruns after the stated time.


By accessing the Attendee Controls you can also start recording of the event.

When the event is being recorded, the circle next to the Event Time will be red, if not it will be green.